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Moving forward!

So from the 12th of April it has been all hands on deck! We have been so well supported by the community that we have ended up employing 3 more people! Our new K.P, Sam, waitress Georgia and our new chef, Jimmy. Dylon has also expanded from serving to working in the kitchen on a weekend alongside Ben.

We are very thankful to the community for coming and spreading the word, to the visitors of Bungay for giving us a try, and to the weather for being so sunny and forgiving. So now we are open, what's new?


That's right, our premises license application went on an unexpected journey to the wrong authorities! But luckily after a frantic emailing session it has ended up in the correct hands! As such Bigod's Kitchen will soon be providing you with a selection of beers and local wines to enjoy with your lunch!


As the evenings lengthen and the sun begins to whisk away the evening chill, Bigod's Kitchen is preparing to open up the big green gates in the evenings, with a concept unique to Bungay. When you book your table, you keep your table for the whole night! That's right, you wont hear those pressuring words "this table is rebooked". Just sit back, relax and enjoy your entire evening with us whilst you pick at our selection of evening sharing platters.


The new Sundae and Milkshake bar has arrived, and our tastebuds are already tingling in anticipation of the unique and delicious frozen creations we are going to be serving this summer! You will be able to either sit in and enjoy some of our over-loaded sundaes and megashakes, or takeaway a few scoops in a waffle cone! What's more we are working closely with Alburgh ice-cream to ensure we get the right selection for you and your families!

The ice cream parlour is well on it's way, just a few more nails and a lick of paint!


This classic Asian breakfast staple has proven to be a popular option for the adventurous! Delicious wok fried rice with sesame oil, mushrooms, spring onion, pepper, garlic and soy sauce, you can add egg or 7 spice tofu for extra umami goodness!


Bigod's Kitchen has a lovely sun trap of a courtyard, with 5 tables in an inviting covered space, and 5 more in an uncovered space. When restrictions loosen further, we will be opening up the internal cafe space meaning we can allow more guests to enjoy their stay with us.

For now, we eagerly anticipate the summer and all of the exciting things it will bring for us, the business and the community!

See you soon <3

Ben and Marnie.

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