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Bigod's Kitchen took of on a new adventure utilising our new mobile catering trailer! Last week we visited a local school for a mini festival, and then over to the Earsham Queens Head for some decadent Greek Gyros!

Bigod's Progress is booking up fast at music festivals pubs, weddings and belated birthday parties!

Keep an eye on our Facebook to see where we are rocking up next!


Iced coffees are a sure winner so far, with their crisp cold taste, bitter sweet Fado

coffee bean and selection of complimentary syrups, they pack a cool punch to help you cut through the summer heat whilst getting that much loved caffeine kick.

Vegan alternatives and a selection of ice teas also available.

Our alcohol license application has finally been accepted and has only 21 days pending before we are a fully fledged, licensed premises! And as soon as that license hits, we are opening for evening dining!


The Bigod's baguette is a sure fire winner for many hungry howlers at breakfast, but a classic English fry up has proven to be more in demand! This is why Bigod's Kitchen are preparing delicious cooked breakfasts on Saturdays now, as well as the usual Sunday! Treat your dad to a delicious cooked brekky this Sunday, but book now as we are getting pretty full!

Other than the above, Bigod's Kitchen is operating as normal, serving delicious home made cakes, snacks, home cooked lunches and more! See you next time! Ben, Marnie and the team.

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