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What a hook line eh? The theme of this months blog is pure mischief and shenanigans in preparation for HALLOWEEN! But thats not all, we have exciting updates on all the delicious endeavours we are planning for the winter!

Oh yes! As seasons change so does the whole dynamic of our cafe, from our seasonal menu and in house evening themed dining events to a new and very important staff member! Read on for more deets on the lo-down!


You subscribed and everything! Thinking every month there would be exciting updates and all sorts! There have been! But much like sand, time has simply slipped through our fingers. With our first very busy summer of both locals and visitors excited to try the new vegan, celiac and dog friendly venue we have had to focus our attention on the guests in house, in the moment. However as winter nears and time becomes less of a rare treat for us, we will be utilising our time to better work on our marketing and online presence. Meaning more regular blogs and Facebook updates. Luckily we have plenty in the pipeline to shout about so our posts wont get stale. Additionally we are re-designing our website which still appears to state our offerings for lockdown! Eep! But no fear, we are fixing it. With many thanks to those who keep us updated on changes we can make to better the business not just on the website, but on google maps, Facebook and more. Without your very helpful feedback we would not necessarily know of the changes we need to make in order to keep the information we provide relevant and correct.


What could be better than the worst dinner service you have ever experienced? Well with a Fawlty Towers themed dining event under our belt, and another booked at the Fisher Theatre (March 2022), we have decided to do a scaled down version with our own unique characters (18+)! From drunk chefs delivering chaotic and crude looking (but delicious!) food, to abusive waiters who you could swear are deliberately trying to con you...and don't even get us started on the rat problem! We are very excited to promote and host this hilarious alternative celebration to give adults a fun night out on Halloween, after all it's exclusively for kids! Due to the cold weather we will be hosting the event inside our cafe so limited seating is available. Ring us up on 01986 896567 and we can email you a menu, pre-booking and pre-orders for all three courses required. £25 per person. See you there!


Bigod's Kitchen has employed a new manager (namely Mr. E for now) who will be joining the team in late October to help Marnie and Ben manage the team and grow the business in preparation for what we anticipate will be an even more successful 2022. Mr. E has extensive experience as an area manager for many conglomerate businesses and is moving from his current more relaxed role back into the hospitality game, where the dice roll changes daily and the prize that is the valued guest is King.

During Lockdown Mr. E orchestrated a home delivery service (voluntarily) in order to provide locals with many much needed goods during their isolation. Using his own fuel, transport and time he made every effort to ensure everyone was looked after. A quality very in-keeping with the spirit of Bigod's Kitchen.

Mr. E has a lot to bring to the table and will also free up both Ben and Marnie to focus more on expanding Bigod's Kitchens offerings to the community, whilst keeping our quality of service and food consistent, and to help us continue finding new ways to surprise you all!

Welcome to the team Mr. E!


We aren't just appointing our manager and hosting a hilarious unique dining experience in October, we are also releasing our new seasonal menu on the 25th! It was hard finding the right fits and replacements after our previous menu was so well received, but we think we've managed to do it again! (Hopefully!) What's more! Some lucky people get to enjoy a V.I.P experience the evening before the new menu launch! At just £5 per ticket our guests get to enjoy a glass of fizz and samples of the new Winter menu, guests include talented local artist Jackie Croft whom has kept the walls of the cafe vibrant and exciting, Betty, our most frequent guest and other local business owners and regular locals who gift the cafe with their frequent visits. Meanwhile, Marnie and Ben are looking forward to mingling and enjoy the experience with Bigod's Kitchens regulars. With only 10 Tickets left, we are selling fast, if you would like any please ring us on 01986 896567 to reserve your slot.

Please be aware where some seating is available, this is primarily a standing event and takes place both inside and under the tent.


Bigod's Progress will be doing more gigs with the food trailer, aiming for at least 2 a month. It seems unique and delicious food in beautiful local locations with delicious beers are the ultimate combo! Which is why you can expect to see our sister company "Bigod's Progress" visiting local clubs, community centres and pubs with new and exciting menus! Keep your eyes peeled on our Facebook page for more updates!

Whats more a sneak peak into Novembers themed dining event, a seven course dining menu for £30 per person. Your clues are "delight", "Two Minutes" and "The Young". We'll chat more in November! *Wink face*

See you all around! Marnie and Ben.

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