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Cold, Cleaning and Cake!

If you have huskies like us, you will have been dragged out into the freezing weather too, only to watch them prance and dance like excited fawns through the chilly powdery snow! Still, it's worth it just to see their happy little faces light up!

Despite this bitter cold snap, we are persevering and staying open for your leisure! With hot drinks and snacks available Tuesday to Sunday 9-4pm.


Even though Bigod's Kitchen is closed on Mondays, if you listen closely, you will likely hear Alexa and Ben or Marnie belting out a duet to some of Ariana Grande's finest anthems! But this raises many questions: Why are we there if we are closed? What goes on behind the scenes when the big green gates go under lock and key? Will it be Ben or Marnie who wins the X-factor?

Answer: One of us come in on the Monday to deep clean the kitchen, top to bottom! Everything off the shelves, out of the cupboards and fridges cleared, ovens degreased and everything sanitised. We double check our stock levels and do a few extra safety checks and perform any maintenance that needs attention. It's probably not the exciting and mysterious answer you may of hoped for, but we treat our business like our baby. We keep her well fed with stock, clean her regularly and put up our feet at the end of the night ready for round 2 the next day!


Marnie is our star in this show, with her moist and light, lemon-syrup sponge, smooth zesty buttercream and attention to detail in the purple piped flowers along the base, they even have pollen in! She has also been playing with Macaroons, and they tasted great! After the celebration cake is assembled, iced and ready for garnish, Ben gets out the chocolate and the sugar! Featuring a lemon white chocolate back drop, hand painted edible butterfly, marbled purple chocolate shards, caramelised lemon slices and blueberries.


We will be opening up a Facebook auction for a decadent Valentines celebration cake at 12pm on Saturday 13th February. With a starting bid of £7.50 increasing by 50p increments per person, you could be in for the chance to win a gorgeous and indulgent chocolate cake to share with a loved one (or hide in a wardrobe and pig out on your own!) The auction will end at 6pm Saturday 13th. The winner will be informed that evening and the cake will be delivered on Sunday 14th February in the morning. If you would like to take part in the auction keep an eye on our Facebook page.


This week we visit Italy and embrace "The food of love". With three decadent courses and a free bottle of vino, we invite you to go on our culinary journey to try some of Italy's favourite cuisine.

This Sunday (Day time) We are also offering Roasted Pork, stuffing, steamed vegetables and roasties with baked rice pudding and jam for dessert!

What will we be up to next week?

Next week we will be whipping up African food for evening deliveries, sculpting edible fondant figures in preparation for a Cocker-Spaniel birthday cake commission, delivering our first ever cream tea to a birthday girl! And finally, planning more of our Summer menu! Your menu ideas and input are welcome! Email us at

Take care, stay warm and eat well! <3

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