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Updated: Feb 17, 2021

We are really having our cake and eating it this month! Featuring our moist red velvet and cream cheese valentines cake won in a live Facebook auction by one of our loyal regulars Justine, who’s family where extremely excited to receive this pretty (And hopefully tasty) prize!

We further delve into the moist depths of cake by taking a foray into the realms of Mothers Day, coming Sunday 9th May. We will be offering afternoon tea packs to collect from 11am to 12.30pm including cakes, savouries, scones and sandwiches.

Lastly we are eagerly anticipating our most ambitious cake creation to date, a castle cake with a moulded edible dragon, fondant leeks and fondant daffodils! We are creating this unique cake to celebrate St. David’s Day on the first of March (All profits are donated to the Fisher Theatre) . For the opportunity to win this elaborate celebration cake you will be able to buy raffle tickets! The winner will be announced on the morning of Sunday 28th ready for the winner to come and collect it. TICKETS ON SALE TODAY! When you pop in for your morning walk/coffee we are selling tickets at £1 a strip.


As the winter chills blow by, they clear the air ready for a full fat sun blazing heat down on what 2021 anticipates to be a scorcher of a summer! Therefore we are planning ahead with our big idea “Bigod’s Brain-Freeze”, being one of the first café’s in Bungay to feature a live milkshake and Sundae bar! Showcasing a large variety of ice-cream based treats, waffles and for the adults “Alco-shakes!”, making our dessert bar accessible and fun for the entire family!


Marnie and her family greatly appreciate and treasure Africa and it’s cultures. Marnie, Julian (Her husband) Kaya, Ronan (Ben's Fiancé) and Elliot would aim to visit Africa yearly to enjoy the company, food and stunning locations. From Jeep safari’s and paddling in the River Gambia, to roasting in the sun with a refreshing glass of banana beer! But Marnie always agrees the best place to be in the Gambia is THE KITCHEN! The end of the day hits with a setting sun, the children are playing football and the men retire under a tree with beers, meanwhile all of the women in the family from Great Grandmother to youngest daughter, gather by the pot and cook a hearty meal whilst they exchange gossip and giggles about their men, and reminiscence of hilarious past endeavours. It is here that the passion for food meets passion for family, and that is the essence of Gambian cooking. This is the spark that has inspired this weeks West African menu.


The first lockdown we sold around 8 lunches every Sunday, for the second lockdown our numbers have increased dramatically! Which is why each week we work hard to optimise on speed, food quality and food delivery! This week we feature Lemon and Thyme roast chicken <3


As one week ends another begins, so feel free to break the bland lockdown routine and visit us for a coffee and a raffle ticket!

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