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A Crisp Winters Day!

Crisp winter greetings from Ben and Marnie at Bigod’s Kitchen. Whilst most wrap up warm and cosy with a hot choccy by the fire, we are busy cooking, cleaning or planning the future of the baby that is our business. With great excitement we release this, our first newsletter!

Firstly we would like to thank you for your ongoing support and interest in our endeavours and would especially like to thank the regulars whom visit us amidst their daily or weekly walks. When one says “it all adds up”, it really does. Given the circumstances which would seemingly put the odds against us, it really is that one cup of coffee and a scone that helps keep our bills in the clear and stock in our fridges. We offer huge heartfelt thanks to all who support us both frequently and infrequently, allowing our business to remain open to serve the community.

So what’s going on behind the scenes here? As said above, we have been busy planning what we hope to be our first successful summer! We are talking decadent desserts, a broader range of gourmet milkshakes, a premises license and weekly changing salad and burger specials! We are already repainting our blackboards ready for the arrival of the spring/summer menu!

Bungay Castle remains currently closed however we believe the Castle Trust hopes to have it open around spring time (Lockdown forgiving).

Marnie has been practicing celebration cakes, with us now on our 4th birthday commission! We have been spinning sugar, melting candy and moulding chocolate, which is very fun to do and ends up looking good (and tasting even better!).

Ben has been applying for grants to help purchase some of the equipment which will help us to expand our services for the summer, more on this in weeks to come!

We have been offering our staff the opportunity to come in to practice new cooking skills. Testing out cakes, pastries and soup on the public! All have been well received so far! We commend Dylon, one of our younger staff who volunteers to learn and practice recipes every Tuesday in our kitchen. He is proving to be quite the whizz in the kitchen and we look forward to helping him develop his skills during lockdown.


This week our menu reflects the fresh flavours of Spain, offering a vast selection of Tapas options, including 4 vegan options! Meat eaters will love the chorizo and butterbean stew, and there is even a zingy prawn sizzler if you are in the mood for seafood!

We are mixing it up this Sunday and cooking a hearty Cottage pie served with diced oven roasted root vegetables and a Rhubarb crumble to top it off!

We are also going to be releasing our Valentines menu a week early. It will be a three course Italian meal with starters to share, single mains per person and a large dessert to share. A feature on the menu we are most excited about is the fresh pasta! That’s right, we are making Ravioli from scratch (Ben will even lay the eggs himself!).


Thank you for subscribing to our website, we look forward to involving you more in our future ventures! Meanwhile enjoy the weekly comic drawn by Ben.

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